Project SPLASH

BIG ideas, BIG splash
Founders Dan and Nick

                                 Founders Dan and Nick in Kenya, summer 2015

Hello, and thanks for checking out our website! We are Project SPLASH, a registered Not-for-Profit based out of Champaign, Illinois. My name is Dan, and my college roommate, Nick, and I started Project SPLASH after a summer spent in Kenya working on an irrigation project sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. My dad is an engineering professor at the University of Illinois, and alongside him, we have developed small-scale solar powered irrigation and solar powered fish pond systems that have potential application throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, South America, as well as Asia. Basically anywhere subsistence life styles are being practiced. After seeing some of the problems rural farmers in developing countries have, especially being off the grid, we were determined to use solar technology to help in the ways that it can. Reducing labor and increasing yields by replacing manual irrigation and water exchange techniques with solar powered ones is a way to give people living subsistence lifestyles more time, freedom, and income to pursue new things.

In addition, we know first-hand the importance of fully acquainting oneself with a problem in order to come up with a solution to it, and no one has better knowledge of the intricacies of the developing world than the residents themselves. However, these residents do not always have the technical background needed to develop the desired solution, and this is where our educational initiative is looking to internally produce the next generation of innovators within the countries we operate. To learn more about our projects, please take a look at our project specific pages, or to learn exactly where we use the money we raise, take a look at our donation breakdown. Also do not hesitate to directly contact us with any additional questions.