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At Project SPLASH, we appreciate each and every donation we receive and we will be transparent with how we allocate donated funds. One way we do this is by allowing you to decide which of our projects you would like to support with your donation. In addition, we have several donation levels that give you the option to know exactly what your money will be used to accomplish. To become a part of a donation level, please select the project you wish to support and the amount (either one-time or recurring) we have specified in the level break down below. We will cancel all recurring donations after the time that is specified in the donation level.

A little about each of the projects we are looking to implement in summer of 2016, and the donation levels within these projects.

Young Engineer Initiative:  This fund is set up to help implement the engineering program being developed at the University of Illinois into the three pilot classrooms we have selected in Kenya. More can be learned at here.  

1.) A Bronze level donation of $100 (or $20 recurring monthly for 5 months) sponsors one child to go through the engineering skills program. In return for your gift, we will send you a handwritten letter from the child you are sponsoring along with a photo.

2.) A Silver level donation of $500 (or $50 recurring monthly for 10 months) will provide a classroom with a solar powered laptop with the software necessary for the students to complete the engineering program. To thank you for your donation, you will receive a photo of the classroom you have supported, a thank you letter from the students, and a Project SPLASH tee-shirt.

3.) A Gold level donation of $1000 (or $50 recurring monthly for 20 months) will sponsor an entire classroom to go through our Young Engineer Initiative program. For this generous donation you receive all of the silver level benefits as well as yearly follow ups on student activity (until the students reach college age), allowing you to track the impact of your donation.

Community Irrigation Project: A donation to this project will allow us to continue installing our MajiPump systems in the communities that are in the most need. To read about some of the communities we have helped in the past, please visit here. We will continue selecting communities based on similar criteria going forward both in Kenya and expanding the project into all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

1.) A Silver level donation of $500 ( or $50 recurring monthly for 10 months) will allow us to install one MajiPump package. This includes the MajiPump and the solar panels necessary for a community to start farming or improve any irrigation that they are currently using. To thank you for your donation, you will receive a handwritten thank you card from the community you have helped, a Project SPLASH tee-shirt, and a photo of the community with the completed installation that your donation made possible.

Malawi Irrigation Pilot Program: This fund is setup to help carry out our most ambitious and potentially most impactful project to date. Malawi has faced drought and food shortages in recent years which has had a particularly harsh impact on the country’s 11 million subsistence farmers who comprise 65% of the population. Working alongside the department of irrigation of Malawi, we are implementing a small farm irrigation program, using our MajiPumps, to demonstrate the economic viability of the pumps through the increase in yields and the subsequent increase in profits. The program aims to help communities in the same way as our Community Irrigation Project, while additionally using the results of the data collected through this program as scientific verification of all the positive testimonials we have received to date. With the results of the study, Malawian officials can approach larger sources of aid such as the World Bank or USAID as they look to increase the amount of irrigated land in Malawi by 116,000 ha in the next two decades. We view this program as integral to the reach and expansion of our organization moving forward. We are offering up to 50 individuals or groups the opportunity to become a part of our Big SPLASH 50 founding members for their support of this project.

1.) To become a Big SPLASH 50 founding member, a donation of $1,000 (or $100 a month for 10 months) will allow us to create the infrastructure (pumps, tanks, and Malawian employees on the ground) needed to carry out this long term installation and monitoring program. To thank you for your support of this program, you will receive a special Big SPLASH 50 founding member tee-shirt, a photo of one of the installations done in Malawi, a follow-up at the end of the study period with a handwritten letter from someone explaining the impact the pump has had on their life, and a place on our website under the to be created Big SPLASH 50 sponsors page (you can opt out of this by asking to remain anonymous).

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