Project SPLASH

BIG ideas, BIG splash


Kiango orphanage is another one of our sites clustered around Kisii town in Western Kenya. We were first introduced to this site in January 2014 by HEART, as a part of their greenhouses for caregivers project, which aims to create food security and income for communities which care for many orphans on top of caring for themselves. In many cases when a community becomes full of orphans (this is usually caused by AIDS), these children must be sent away throughout Kenya, as the next in line to care for them often has many children of their own and simply don’t have the resources to take on more mouths to feed. This often ends up separating children from their siblings and also from the tight knit communities from which they originate. By establishing greenhouses in these communities, the necessary food and school supplies can be provided to take care of these orphans. 

At this site, located down the road from Kiango Main, there is an operational greenhouse that gets the water needed for irrigation from a shallow well around one hundred feet away. As with the other greenhouse sites we are working with, the women here simply cannot continue to make the effort necessary to satisfy the irrigation demands that are present. At this site, we installed both a submersible solar powered Majipump to pump water from the shallow well to a collecting tank, as well as a solar powered transfer pump to take the water from the collecting tank to the greenhouse. There are over 180 orphans cared for at this site in Kiango, so we are hopeful that the system we have installed will be able to fulfill the existing need.