Project SPLASH

BIG ideas, BIG splash

DCIM100GOPRO At Project SPLASH we are excited about this Fish Farm Project, and believe it has the potential to improve our already existing Irrigation Project and Young Engineer Initiative. Alone, a fish farm serves as a viable income generator and means to provide a community with food security. However, when a fish farm is combined with an existing agricultural farm and our solar powered Majipumps and aerators specifically designed for fish pond usage, the production of both is optimized. A fish farm functions as an excellent basin to collect and store water that can be used to irrigate surrounding crops while also adding valuable nutrients to improve plant growth. Additionally, the constant removal of the nitrogen rich water necessary for irrigation will lead to higher water quality and allow fish to grow at an expected rate. The combination between the Fish Farm and Irrigation Projects provides a sustainable way for smallholder farmers to maximize their income by generating higher yields while also saving on expenses such as fertilizer. We have already implemented several fish farms around Kenya in conjunction with our irrigation install sites, with promising results, and are we are currently working to expand this program into new areas. In addition, we see the planning and installation of these integrated systems combining fish farming and traditional farming as a great exercise for kids who have participated in the Young Engineering Initiative to get hands on experience.